How does your makeup last all day?

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This is one of the most asked questions I get about makeup. The simple answer is not so simple - you need to choose good quality products based on your skin type.

Oily skin will generally need mattifying products, and dry skin will need moisturising products.

Combination skin may need a combination of products to target those problem areas.

Sadly there is no one magical product for everyone, so I will break down some products for you to consider trying and the reasons why.

I recommend when shopping to ask for samples (where available) to try before committing to full size. Most quality cosmetics can be expensive and it can become a costly exercise if you buy the full size only to find it doesn’t work for you!

Skincare is very important for makeup to look its best when applied. I know it's drilled into us to cleanse, tone and moisturise morning AND night - but it does play a big role! It may seem like a lot of work, but if you work it into your morning and bedtime routine you will definitely see the benefits.

Priming Is Important - Think of Primer like double sided tape for your foundation!

Oily Skin

For oily skin I would recommend a mattifying primer. This will help to control oil production during the day and reduce shine. The oil in our skin can start to break down foundation, so controlling that oil will allow makeup to stay in place longer.

I love Kryolan Invisible Matt Primer. It is my go to for long lasting foundation and shine control.

Mattifying primers with a silicone base are another great option, these will also help to fill in pores and fine lines - an example of this is the Nars Smooth and Protect Primer.


Dry Skin

Especially for dry skin, daily cleansing, moisturising, and weekly exfoliation is important. If you have flaky skin and try to cover that with a medium/high coverage foundation, it may stick to dry skin and your base will look blotchy and uneven. Weekly gentle facial exfoliation will help give your foundation a smooth base to stick to.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Moisturiser 75ml

This is a go to product for many professional makeup artists. It is such a lovely hydrating moisturiser that doesn't leave the skin feeling oily, and can be used as a primer on its own. I use this on my own skin morning and night!

Combination Skin

If you're like me and have oily nose and dry cheeks - welcome to the combination skin club!

You may be able to get away with a silicone based primer for your whole face, however if you have trouble with oil or patchy dryness, then you may need to combine a mattifying and a moisturising primer, focusing each on those areas that need it.

Does this mean 2 primers for the one face? Yes! It can be annoying but trust me, the investment will help your makeup last for hours and hours.


I will go more into foundations in a future blog, however consider what your skin type is and what your foundation is made of. A helpful tip is oily skin - stick to water based foundation. Dry skin - water or oil based foundations.

Setting Sprays

Not all setting sprays are alike! This is where its good to know what is in the product you are using. Many popular sprays are marketed as a setting spray, but are more of a finishing spray.

For example, MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ is a lovely product to refresh the skin before and after makeup application, however it doesn’t have ingredients to set the makeup, it is meant to hydrate and give the skin a dewy finish.

Examples of Setting Sprays that have active ingredients to set the makeup in place are:

Ben Nye Final Seal

Pro: A setting spray for everyday makeup, as well as a mixing medium for face/body paint.

Con: Comes in a pump spray which I find does not evenly distribute the spray.

Dermacolor Fixing Spray

Pro: My personal fave - sets makeup in place, has a low SPF (not enough for photography flash-back), ingredients include a water soluble polymer which creates an extra barrier, and comes in an aerosol spray to distribute evenly. Dewy finish, Cruelty free.

Cons: Can visibly stick to hair, so keep hairline covered for that final spray!

Urban Decay All Nighter

I personally have not used this product but have heard great things! Ingredients include a water soluble polymer, however comes in a pump spray. Matte Finish, Vegan friendly.

Hopefully this encourages you to start experimenting with new products that target your skin type and keep your makeup looking fresh all day long!

Have you used any of these products or have a fave you can't part with? Let me know what you think in the comments!


Disclaimer: I have a working relationship with Kryolan Cosmetics - they are a long time professional makeup brand manufactured in Germany. I love their products and use a lot of them in my kit, however I try to not to have a specific brand bias, so if you find a product that does the same job as any brand I mention here, go for it!