What is it like to work on Fashion & Editorial Photoshoots?

Over the last 5 years, I have worked on many Fashion photo shoots and runways including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney.

Fashion makeup can be very different to makeup you would do for someone attending a wedding or event. When I do makeup for a wedding, my goal is for the makeup to last as long as possible, especially in extreme weather conditions (such as the very hot and humid Sydney Summer) however Makeup for fashion and editorial is very different. The look of the skin and makeup is the focus, and not longevity.

Beauty editorial makeup for photography is usually more relaxed but still requires a lot of attention to detail. Photographers and re-touchers should not be relied upon for editing to excuse lazy makeup. As a professional you are expected to create the best makeup possible so their job is easier after the shoot is done. Proper care when applying makeup, concealer and colours are extremely important. Makeup artists must also stay on top of current makeup trends to make sure their work is up to date and highly desirable.

Example, it has been on trend to do a very dewy healthy skin complexion. Dewy makeup that is more shiny and not set with a powder may not last long during a hot day but will look incredible when photographed. Moisturisers and dewy light foundations are key, as well as cream highlighters.

Another popular editorial look is the glossy eye. Again an even gloss look would not last, and will start to crease even after a few blinks of an eye. So when shooting you have the luxury of touching up the makeup before each photo is taken.

Editorial makeup can also be incredibly creative when artists can let their mind run free. When working on a project for a client you are limited by their direction, however when you are doing a collaborative shoot, this is when you can experiment with fun innovative looks. Macro photography is used a lot for this kind of photo shoot.