Marilyn Monroe Makeover!

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Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer. Famous for playing comic "blonde bombshell" characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950’s. Her draw and allure is still strong today, and numerous people have impersonated and dressed as her for Halloween parties and photo shoots.

I have done a few Marilyn makeovers in the past but my most recent one was with popular cosplayer Infamous by Laura, aka Laura Gilbert. She has portrayed many characters in her cosplay career and I was happy to help with her newest cosplay and photo shoot of the 50’s icon.

Marilyn Monroe and her makeup artist Allan "Whitey" Snyder had a very set way they did her makeup, with her classic winged liner and red lip. However she also used very subtle techniques to enhance her eyes and create that ‘bedroom look’.

Foundation was very matte at the time, so her base would have been set with a translucent powder. On Laura I used MAC Studio Fix Foundation and set with RCMA No Colour Powder to take away any shine.

Blush used was more of an orange undertone and used also on the tip of her nose to make the appearance of the nose shorter. Snyder used Vaseline as a highlighter on her cheekbones and cupids bow, however for longevity I used a modern powder highligher on these areas.

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Eyebrows were shaped like peaks which Monroe believed helped minimize the wideness of her forehead. Laura has lower closer set eyebrows so I was able to accentuate the peak of her brows to mimic Monroe’s.

For the eyes a subtle brown was used on the outer lid, and white used on the eye lid and inner corner of the eye for which I also did on Laura.

Monroe also wore white pencil on her waterline to make her eyes appear more open. However as Laura has big beautiful eyes I used a brown liner on the waterline to reduce the large appearance of her eyes to be more like Monroe.

Lashes were important for the Marilyn look. Monroe wanted more of a natural look so Snyder cut regular strip lashes in half and added them to the outer corner of the lash line to create a longer lash look that was more subtle. On Laura I used the Model Rock Lashes in #273 as they are heavier on the outer corner for the same effect.

Final trick on the eyes, Snyder used a brown eye shadow under the lower lash that would mimic a shadow from her top lashes for the illusion of a longer lash which I also did on Laura.

Lastly lips, which I used Kryolan Lip Stain in ‘Rock’ for a rich blue based red with long lasting matte finish. And of course not to forget her signature beauty spot!

Check out the final result on Laura’s Instagram and Patreon via

Main image photo by Mercy Photography

Hair styling and Makeup by me!