Erstwilder - Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Release


So you are probably wondering who is Erstwilder and why are you writing about it?

For those who are not aware I am IN LOVE with brooches! I wear them nearly everyday, and love creating a whole outfit and makeup look using that daily brooch as my inspiration.

Erstwilder are an Australian made and owned brooch brand based in Melbourne, who have just done a collaboration release with Sesame Street for their 50th Anniversary!


I, along with millions of other children worldwide grew up with Sesame Street. Teaching us how to count with Count Von Count, learning our ABC’s whilst teaching us to be kind to each other. Jim Henson's puppets were so vibrant, unique and larger than life so it was a smart tool to get young children to pay attention while learning.

The brooches themselves are stunning. They are collectible, limited run, layered resin adornments - they don’t only do brooches, but also have large statement piece Necklaces and lovely earrings with themed releases each month.

Sesame Street will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hope to share that joy of Sesame Street in the years to come with my niece and any other young people in my life!